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What’s it all about?

It’s simple…if you’re an artist/designer that makes stuff that’s similar to Darkothica’s alternative & gothic brand, then we would love to introduce you to our followers & customers. 

Why would I want to be involved?

Darkothica values unique, talented, creative individuals and being in the Featured Artist Program will provide exposure of your art/items to a large and growing audience, essentially free advertising really.  Networking, collabs, and/or potential sales are additional benefits of being a Featured Artist.

How do I get in on this?

  1. Fill out and submit the Featured Artist Form below to get things rolling.
  2. You’ll get an e-mail response to start communicating; going over remaining questions or answers, ensuring that you’re comfortable with a time-line that may exist, etc.
  3. You’ll receive a short list of questions via e-mail that will be created for your Featured Artist ‘interview’. Not every artist will have the same Q&A b/c everyone is different – plus, that would be kind of boring.
  4. Once answers are received (and hopefully a pic of you for introduction…optional of course), your introduction will be put together, shared with you for review, and then published to darkothica.com and shared on social media.
  5. Your Featured Artist intro will remain on darkothica.com on our Featured Artists page until you tell us to take it down.

Want some money?

If you have the interest, time, and capability – Darkothica also works with Featured Artists to feature and sell items that have been made by you…exclusively for Darkothica.  Payment arrangements depend on what type of art/items are created and include wholesale, commission, or whatever other arrangement works best for the artist & Darkothica as a team.

Items/talents Darkothica is always searching for:

  • Unique art designs for print on pillows, throws, shower curtains, etc.
  • Resin (or other high quality) home decor/accessories such as curio boxes, gargoyles, skulls, etc.
  • 3D printer design/creation capability 
  • Horror related items and art

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